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Why not make looking for a new home fun by using our Homes4Me mobile app?

House hunting can be an exhausting experience. You spend hours travelling between properties, and then you have to try and remember which home had ‘that’ kitchen, and where you saw the perfect master bedroom.

Why not make looking for a new home fun by using our Homes4Me mobile app? It enables you to take detailed notes and compare each property you visit from anywhere!

App Features

Gone are the days of lugging around a pen, notepad and camera. Now you simply need to carry your smartphone or tablet.
With our House Hunting App you can:

  • Build a checklist – of the qualities that your ideal home should have, such as three bedrooms, or close proximity to schools or your workplace
  • Create a property list – recording photos of the houses, their geotags, prices and agents, as well as your personal comments
  • Choose your favourites – conveniently ranked according to your checklist criteria, letting you save the ones you like most

Furthermore, once you’ve selected a property to buy, you can use the same app to:

  • Apply for a home loan
  • Calculate how much you can afford to spend on your mortgage
    Get directions to the SA Home Loans branch that’s nearest you

The Most Convenient Comparison Tool

We want to make buying property as simple as possible. That why, in addition to this clever piece of software, we provide a range of financial products for home owners.

In fact, you can come to us with all your home finance requirements. Our property finance consultants are specialists in home loans and have the focused experience to offer invaluable assistance.

Happy House Hunting!

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