Reasons to choose SA Home Loans

Buying a house and then financing it are two major life decisions – the bond you choose is a long term relationship. Estate agents and originators will want to make that decision for you. At SA Home Loans we believe you have the right to control, and to amazing service – no matter how your circumstances change.

Top six benefits of buying through SA Home Loans

1.) Deal direct – stay in control

Why let an estate agent or originator choose your home loan provider? Are you sure they’re acting in your best interests – or are they chasing the easiest commission? Why stick with a Bank? Shop around – it’s easier than you think.

2.) You get a specialist

Home Loans are ALL we do. We’ll remove the hassle and stress of getting a mortgage. You stay in control whilst getting expert guidance.

3.) You get low fees

We negotiate discounts on your conveyancing fees with attorneys on our panel. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

4.) You get flexible product options

SA Home Loans has shaken up the mortgage industry with our groundbreaking home loan products that can change according to your needs.

5.) You get our best rate

We give you the very best rate you can qualify for. We’re competitive, transparent and fair, and we don’t discriminate against first time buyers.

6.) You get individualised service

Choose how you’d like to deal with us – phone, web, face-to-face. We’ll come to you to discuss your needs, and follow through with amazing service, making sure your home loan is giving you maximum utility and meeting your lifestyle needs.

Buying a home – choose the mortgage you feel “at home” with

Why not deal directly with SA Home Loans – the mortgage specialists? When you buy a new home it is likely that the estate agent will put you into contact with their preferred mortgage originator (in return for a handsome commission).

Mortgage originators are not finance providers, but broker a home loan from one of the financial institutions. But ultimately you are still in control – you can cut out the middleman and shop around to choose whichever mortgage lender you prefer to assist you to buy a house.

Buying a house – mortgages are ALL we do at SA Home Loans

We are ideally positioned to ensure that buying a home is as painless as possible. First of all we are not a bank with all the restrictions, bureaucracy and red tape associated with such cumbersome institutions.

SA Home Loans offers a fresh alternative to home financing. We provide convenient, hassle-free home loans. Our culture is innovative and energetic. Our point of differentiation is the amazing service we offer, which is the core of our existence.For example, we understand the worries and the needs facing first time home buyers. First-time home buyers can get a great deal when they select SA Home Loans for their home financing, because we don’t penalise you for being a new home buyer.

Why deal with the middleman when home buying?

Mortgage originators get home loan offers from various financial institutions on your behalf – for a commission. SA Home Loans provides you direct funding without passing on those fees. Mortgage originators hand you over to a bank – SA Home Loans will continue to service you as a valued client throughout the life of your home loan. As our funding comes in directly from large investors and we do not pay commissions to brokers and estate agents, we are able to pass the savings straight to the homeowner. The margin on the bond rate that SA Home Loans charges is consistent and transparent. Nothing is hidden, and you will always know how we arrive at your total interest rate.

Our home owner clients enjoy peace of mind – in the eight short years since our establishment, we have become the fifth-largest home loans provider in South Africa! Since your home is registered in your name at the Deeds Office, you enjoy complete security. SA Home Loans itself is a securely-established business, and our blue-chip shareholders are Standard Bank and JP Morgan.

Moreover, because our business is totally dedicated to providing mortgages, we are acknowledged as the specialist in the field of mortgage loans. To maintain this high ground, we constantly search for innovative ways of doing business. For better ways to amaze you with our excellent service and help you manage your mortgage. For ways to improve all the benefits our clients currently enjoy.

Complementary services

To give you a fully-rounded ‘package’, SA Home Loans also offers you these options:

  • A convenient, paperless, home owner’s insurance plan managed off your home loan account.
  • A bond protection plan which covers your bond in the event of disability and settles it in the event of death. There’s no ‘medical’ required and it’s also conveniently managed off your home loan account.

How does SA Home Loans rate on rates?

No matter what the market is doing in terms of fluctuating rates, our interest rates, initiation fees and service fees always remain highly competitive, transparent and fair. We also give you as much control as possible through our range of mortgage bond options.

There are no hidden costs or fees. We don’t give you a discounted rate then take it back in fees or through fine print. But we do negotiate discounts on your conveyancing fees with the attorneys on our panel. You’ll be surprised at the savings you can achieve.
We’ll give you the time of day

Part of our policy is that we’ll come to you – we don’t expect you to chase us! While we are happy to discuss your needs face-to-face, if your time is limited, there’s always the phone or our website. However you choose to do business with us, you can rest assured that our service will never flag. We will keep in constant touch, informing you of new developments and opportunities to ensure you’re reaping the maximum benefits from your home loan.

Needing to buy a home now?

To see what you can afford or to find out whether you qualify for a bond with us, simply make use of our online home loan calculator.

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Once you’ve established the approximate loan size you qualify for, apply now – or call 0860 2 4 6 8 10 and talk to a consultant who’ll assist you with the best options for you.