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Company Secretary and Legal Manager

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|   Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago

Reference Number: ComSec2021

Job details

Job Category: Risk and Compliance

Key Purpose:

To oversee Corporate Governance, to act as the Group Company Secretary for +/- 60 companies, to act as a legal advisor to the Board and executive, manage legal and compliance risk for the Group, to oversee compliance for the group, to manage relationships with 16 regulatory supervisors and ombudsmen, oversight of complaints handling

Company Secretarial:

  • Accountable directly to Board of Directors
  • Oversight of the group secretarial and governance function, ensuring that statutory obligations are met;
  • Responsibility for the group Board and operating entity Board relationships
  • Attendance at and participation in Committee meetings Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, Social and Ethics and Credit Committee; 
  • Providing or seeking appropriate advice on technical issues of a governance nature
  • Input to scope of committee responsibilities;
  • Input into agenda of meetings;
  • Taking of minutes;
  • Guiding the Boards and Committees on Governance, ethics, conflicts, and duties;
  • Drafting of resolutions;
  • Oversight of record keeping and AGM processes; 
  • Governance, Legal and Compliance reports to Boards and Committees; and
  • Ensuring that required relationships are maintained with governance stakeholders


  • Dotted line reporting to the CEO and Audit Committee
  • Maintaining knowledge of legislation and regulation applicable to the core and ancillary businesses and products, keeping abreast of compliance risks to the business
  • Delivery of presentations and updates to management committees, board committees and other stakeholders on Legal, compliance and governance function and methodology;
  • Oversight of processes around statutory registrations with regulatory bodies, drafting of business and compliance process descriptions for regulatory registrations, recordkeeping, and changes in relation to registrations, acting as key contact person for regulatory bodies;
  • Participation in submission of regulatory reports, submissions and returns when required
  • Responsible (together with Legal Manager) for review of contractual commitments undertaken by the business, including general operational and banking contracts, credit applications, service level agreements, service contracts, lease agreements for head office and all branches;
  • Monitoring of legal risk in documentation and giving guidance on acceptable assumption of risk;
  • Briefing external legal counsel on specific legal queries, obtaining advice and ensuring appropriate responses are implemented;
  • Assessing proposed products against legislation, advising on appropriate measures to be taken to ensure compliance with all applicable laws
  • Instructing legal counsel on drafting of documents 
  • Ongoing monitoring of products to ensure that prescribed disciplines and controls are complied with
  • Review of transactional documentation for bilateral funding lines and residential mortgage-backed security issuances;
  • Liaising with transactional attorneys, arrangers, bankers, board members and trustees on required statutory structures and all legal documentation; 

People, Leadership and Stakeholders

  • Successful placement and retention of staff,
  • Leadership development within team,
  • Embracing BEE in recruitment practices,
  • Performance review,
  • Leading by example,
  • Actively expanding abilities of staff,
  • Encouraging personal development,
  • Taking an interest in development,
  • Maintaining strong relationships with attorney firms and arrangers,
  • High quality professional services to other business units,
  • Gaining trust of executive,
  • Board and shareholders through positive interactions and effective communication, managing high stake interactions,
  • Positive working relationship with auditors,
  • Clean audit reports

Qualifications and experience

  • Postgraduate law degree; and
  • Preferably designation a chartered secretary (FCIS/FCG or ACIS/ACG) 
  • 10+ years post qualification experience

Generic competencies:

  • Authentic, ethical leadership
  • Adaptive and Contextual intelligence
  • Multidimensional thinking
  • People focused
  • Client centric
  • Data centric/ analytic

Technical professional skills related to the role:

  • Regulatory and legal compliance aptitude
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