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Talent Pool - Contact Centre Property Finance Consultant

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Reference Number: 202405005

Job details

Job Category: Sales

Job Purpose 

A Contact Centre Property Finance Consultant is responsible for achieving monthly targets set at the Contact Centre, which will ultimately assist the Contact Centre department achieve targets set.

SA Home Loans is an industry leader, and strives to maintain high quality levels and superior performance by hiring qualified individuals who share our philosophy and exhibit the same attitude with clients, stakeholders etc

To successfully convert leads received from within the Contact Centre into home loan approvals, whilst always maintaining and delivering amazing service to our clients. 

Alignment to business driver/strategy

Liaising with key internal stakeholders’ credit, new business, valuations to assist in the successful transition of applications from submission through to approval stage.
Alignment to the Amazing Service principle and program
Provide service and support to new clients, staff and stakeholders via all communication methods

Key Responsibilities:

A.    Effective use of leads

  • Inbound: Answering all incoming calls, attend to customer queries and send proposals. Internet leads to be swiftly contacted and a full sales call to take place. 
  • Prospect potential home loan clients, then by using the appropriate needs analysis based on sales techniques, either switches them from other financial institutions or to offer them a new home finance package that is tailor made and accompanied by amazing service.
  • Source of leads, telephonic and electronic leads via the SAHL intranet.
  • Outbound projects could also be implemented if the need arises (determined by the Contact Centre Manager).

B.    Deliver professional communication 

  • Remain focused on relevant business issues related to the sale. 
  • Modify the communication to consider the audience, using the appropriate language and communication style. 
  • Use simple non-jargon filled language. 
  • Be open and honest in your communication - imparting news tactfully and truthfully.

C.    Identify needs

  • Identify the primary financial and emotional needs of the potential client by asking open ended questions and then actively listening to their responses. 
  • Pre-qualify the potential client through understanding their background situation and linking it to the credit matrix. 
  • Identify the financial problems/ challenges faced by the potential client and the impact it is having on them. 
  • Should the potential client not qualify, keep their details for possible future follow-up.

D.    Match relevant product package to relevant need

  • Using correct product knowledge, present the features and benefits of a product package to the potential client in such a way that it meets their need and solves their problems. 
  • Explain to the potential client the procedure taken to process their application. 
  • Apply the correct credit criteria when assessing the file.  

E.    Explain the LOA and close the deal  

  • Explain all the important figures, conditions and terminology in the LOA. 
  • Close the deal by first summarizing the benefits of the relevant product package as it relates to the identified need, then closing the business.

F.    Maintain customer contact and Follow-up

  • Update the client on every step of the process after the deal is concluded. 
  • Explain answers to questions from clients accurately and clearly. 
  • Keep in contact with the client even after LOA has been signed. 
  • On signing LOA, get referrals from client. 
  • Ensure effective utilization of provided marketing material to enhance customer relationships.

G.    Manage Workflow

When allocated a sales stream, full commitment and attention is provided to ensure the highest conversion of that stream at that time - i.e. when on outbound, ensure that all key activities are achieved (see above) for outbound.  

H.  Applications capture and file construction

  • Ensure accurate and complete capturing of the application on the system. 
  • All supporting documents acquired and scanned. 
  • Effective management of personal system work lists.

 Experience and Requirements


  • 1 - 3 years’ experience working in a contact centre environment.
  • Proven track record in cold calling sales with supporting documents and achievements.
  • Experience compiling professional written reports is essential.
  • Minimum: Matric Certificate
  • Higher Certificate or equivalent (NQF Level 5) will be advantageous.
  • Clear credit and criminal checks.
  • S.A Citizen or valid work permit for S.A.


  • Professional, Respectful  
  • Service orientated 
  • Accountable, Time management 
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Sound telephonic communication skills4
  • Strong can-do attitude and an energetic positive approach.
  • Committed to serving the customer.
  • Able to present information in different ways to enhance understanding.
  • Acts as an ambassador for the SA Home Loans  brand.
  • Consistently behaves with integrity.
  • Actively works with colleagues and departments to resolve queries.
  • Managing work and time to meet the required deadlines.
  • High attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Proactive and operates with a sense of urgency.
  • Consistently hits all performance targets.
  • Ability to work alone and in a team.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Credit analysis
  • Strong negotiation skills.

Contact Details:

Lana Tillack in the HR department
Tel:      031 571 3396

Application Requirements:

For External candidates: [email protected]
(Please ensure that the job and the reference number you are applying for is clearly indicated)

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