Loss Control

The Loss Control Department is a key business unit responsible for the monitoring and follow up of accounts where bond repayment obligations have not been met.

The department is made up of five divisions, namely Pre-Legal, Foreclosures and Operations, Debt Counselling and Recoveries and Estates. Each division is managed by a Senior Manager, all of whom report to the Director of Loss Control.

  1. The Pre legal division comprises of 3 sub- divisions: Early Collections, Client Assessment, Client Liaison and Pre legal admin.
  2. The Recoveries division comprises of 2 sub divisions: Debt Counselling, and Recoveries.
  3. The Estates team comprises of Deceased Estates and Insolvent Estates. Death and Disability Claims are also managed in this area.
  4. The Foreclosure division comprises of 3 sub divisions: Facilitation, Undefended and Defended.
  5. Finally, the Operations team attends to all fee matters, valuations, service providers, Sell Assist, debit orders and other administrative duties.