Our Clients Our Heroes

At SA Home Loans, we have the privilege of meeting clients from all walks of life, each with their own unique circumstances. For us, the home finance process starts by getting to understand each person’s requirements and challenges. Sometimes, our clients face quite challenging situations, but because we want to enable the dream of home ownership for as many South African’s as possible, we do everything in our power to make their dream come true. This is the story of one client’s journey with SA Home Loans, and how we were able to make a difference in her life.

Philippa’s Story – Part 1: The Surprise

Philippa is a single mother of two young boys. After a long and protracted divorce she had lost everything including her business. All she owned was her house. Nothing else, except a lot of debt. She applied to us to switch her bond account in order to remortgage her property so as to be able to extract cash, enabling her to kick-start her life and her business.The process was long and arduous, due to the nature of her business. She was not compliant with some of the rules governing the switching of her mortgage. But Eveshinee, her SA Home Loans property finance consultant, worked with her over a three month process, finding a way to make her application successful.Today, through sheer perseverance and a fierce desire to succeed, Philippa is back on her feet and her business is thriving. So much so, that her business recently won the 2014 Debt Review Counselor of the Year Award.SA Home Loans admired her tenacity and passion to succeed. And because she is an example of the relationships that exists between SA Home Loans and our clients, which are based on trust and understanding, we wanted to celebrate and acknowledge her achievements.The video shows how that celebration unfolded.

Philippa’s Story – Part 2: How she chose to spend her gift

Philippa is a remarkable woman. Having been through tough times herself, she has great empathy for those less fortunate than herself, and is a true believer in “paying it forward”.

Here’s her letter:

You may want to know that, being a home where we pay things forward, we did the following with our prize:

  • Christmas presents and clothes for 40 children, aged 2 weeks to 16 years old, at “Give a Child a Family”.
  • A new roof for Aunty Cynthia Ndamase’s home in rural Port St Johns.
  • Paid off the debts in full of “Gogo” Rose Sithole (who raised the kids’ father and looked after our family for 36 years).
  • Food hampers to grannies and grandpas in need in Umtata.
  • Substituted a chunk of the deficit left by (her recently deceased ex-husband’s) death, who died without a will or life insurance or any provision.

We are blessed to be blessings.  Thank you for making me feel like you did. It was sincerely the best day of my life and will never be forgotten.

Yours with so much gratitude.

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How Phillipa was chosen

SA Home Loans talk about being different to the banks and treating our clients as individuals. Philippa Davis, our client in the video, knows how true that was for her.Our home loan consultants make sure they spend time listening to our clients, finding out about their specific circumstances in order to find the best solution for them. Sometimes our clients share with us the stories of how they have struggled to find the right home loan partner. Many of these first-hand stories can be found at our microsite: Your Words,Not Ours.This year SA Home Loans wanted to reward one special client and to give all the staff at our Head Office a chance to meet and engage with a client that really touched our hearts with their story. Our Client Service team selected five of the most touching stories from the many emails sent to us by satisfied clients. These five stories were then shared with all SA Home Loan staff for them to vote for the one they felt was most deserving.The votes were submitted and counted, and Philippa Davis’ story received the highest number of votes by a wide margin. The planning then got underway to give her the surprise of her life! On the appointed day, Philippa was invited to visit SA Home Loans and joined us to celebrate the achievement she’d made and our part in making it happen. Philippa is an example to everyone about how – with determination, hard work and the right partners – anything is possible.

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