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Partnership with Property Fox


SA Home Loans works closely with other stakeholders in the property industry to ensure that more people are afforded the opportunity to purchase their own home. Estate Agents are key players in this sector, providing an invaluable service to home buyers and sellers. SA Home Loans has built strong relationships with Estate Agents, endeavouring to assist them to service their clients better, achieve their sales objectives and provide home finance to their clients. 

In the spirit of these efforts, SA Home Loans has a formal association with Property Fox, which has an online agency as well as a traditional agency network of Estate Agents across South Africa. Property Fox offers customers a choice in how they would like to buy and sell their properties. With the increased digitisation of the residential property sales process, we believe this choice will become increasingly important in order to meet the needs of both home buyers and sellers.   

SA Home Loans’ focus is to work more closely with all Estate Agents who would like to form a closer association with us. This includes lead arrangements, arranging commission in advance and other facilities designed to assist agents with cash flow and grow their business.

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