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Western Cape

17 Feb 2020

Megan went over and beyond and even took our story to the CEO...

Lucy Kues

A few years ago I approached Megan Naicken in a bid to get a home loan with SA Home Loans. We had exhausted all options with all other banks as our son's health bills had made our credit very bad. We had debts piling and wanted to loan against outhouse to pay them back now that he was doing better. Megan went over and beyond and even took our story to the CEO. We had to furnish doctors reports and lots of different kinds of supporting information. The CEO then approved it based on all of Megan's motivation, hard work and out of the box thinking. We eventually got the loan, paid off our debts and started a new life. Jump ahead 4 years and I have even started my own successful business, now helping other families with the same health issues that my son had. It was the gift that kept giving. Thank you, Megan, and thank you SA Home Loans for giving us a second chance at life!

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