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Eastern Cape

10 Nov 2011

Mark Sandy

Having read some stories I feel honoured to be part of an institution that has brought joy and stability and a peace of mind to so many home owners. Having been single most of my life and not popular with the ladies I settled into my little piece of paradise I called home. Being content in my little home I was lonely. I wanted to share my life with someone and to my surprise I met a stunningly beautiful woman. I wanted a family and together we looked at a bigger investment for my family and a baby on the way. I found through the family (SAHL) that I could go bigger. I was so happy. This was at the beginning of 09.05.2009 and now 10.11.2011 I find myself almost ruined. My piece of paradise may have to go and with it, twenty years of earning a salary to pay my bond. My beautiful wife had an illness that affects so many, called addiction. In the beginning I was told I was having a child, to losing the baby, to cancer, and spending hours in hospitals, and doctors completely draining all funds and means of getting assistance. From thinking I was going to lose my wife only to find out it was addiction. I lovingly stuck by her side and only when I nearly lost my life and will to go on, did she leave... All I have is SAHL who to now have offered all they could. If there were awards like this one then SAHL would be tops and win hands down. If I have to sell to be able to survive I will be back one day in the hope I can join the fold of the SAHL family once again.

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