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Western Cape

04 Dec 2015

Priscilla Vermaak

When you sit in front of the Doctor and you hear the words. I have bad news for you, I cannot help you. I am so sorry. There is nothing I can do... That is the same feeling I got in my heart, every time I heard the words. I am sorry, I cannot help you. I was devastated. I went to every Bank, and they all gave me the same news. Then I saw SA Home Loans on the internet. I phoned and spoke to Mr.Neil Puckeri; I said Sir if you give us a home loan, it will be nothing else but a miracle. God Bless SA Home Loans, you made our dream a reality; you took us from the guttermost and put us in uppermost, I CANNOT thank you enough. Words cannot describe the total joy in our hearts. God bless you. SA Home Loans and all your friendly staff - feels like a great big family..

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