What Our Clients Say

The home buying journey is exciting but can also be quite daunting – so we make it our goal to make sure that our clients have the best possible home loan experience. The stories you will read here are authentic, unedited accounts from our clients, telling the story of their unique home buying journey. We invite you to read them - and to share your own story.

Stefanie Govender

Richards Bay - 16 August 2011

"I am writing today to thank you for an excellent customer service experience.
I recently started working at Seeff properties, as all estate agents do I immediately started looking for someone who can help with a service delivery that would turn my signed papers into grants. After trying individuals from other organizations, I realized that they promise you the world but fail in areas of service delivery. I was later referred to Romalin Moodley one of your Senior Property Finance consultants. Unlike the other organizations, he didn't give me an automated response. Romalin responds positively with "Let's see if we can assist you further" or "not to worry I'll take care of it"; a response which is sincere and at the same time showing you that the days of going the extra mile still truly exist.
Although my clients are not always successful with their applications, the constant remains, they are treated with respect and the findings on each application are presented with professionalism.
Your employees have made me a believer of the words you so proudly advertise. "Faster bond approvals and flexible staff" and "There are other options."
I am delighted to work with someone whose knowledge, respect, and senses of humor have made my job much less challenging. Thank you for hiring people like Romalin Moodley and having them available to help your customers"

Stefanie Govender of Seeff Richards Bay complimenting Romalin Moodley from the Contact Center at the Durban Head Office