What Our Clients Say

The home buying journey is exciting but can also be quite daunting – so we make it our goal to make sure that our clients have the best possible home loan experience. The stories you will read here are authentic, unedited accounts from our clients, telling the story of their unique home buying journey. We invite you to read them - and to share your own story.

Emmanuel & Moshibudi Maria Maphosa

Gauteng - 15 December 2018

Newly wed, new baby, relocation. It was a perfect time to buy a house. With the excitement of a 100 butterflies, we went viewing to viewing until one day we walked into this house, at the corner. From the moment we walked through the door, we knew we had arrived home. We had to have that house!

Excitedly, we put an offer and waited impatiently for our dream to come true. But banks had other ideas! Our dream shattered right before our eyes when they offered us way less than we needed. We knew there was no way the house would stay in the market forever. It was too beautiful too, if we do say so ourselves.

When all hope seemed lost, what we call a miracle happened. Maria was ranting to a colleague about how unfairly the banks had treated us. She was in tears even, that's how sore her heart was. The colleague said to her, "Contact SA Home Loans! They work magic those ones! They will get you your house". She was skeptical because she was not ready for more disappointment. But she called anyway and that might have been the best decision and best call she ever made. SA Home Loans truly worked their magic.

The service was excellent, the process was smooth and we write today in the comfort of our own home. If SA Home Loans was a person, we would give her a big hug and a solemn thank you.