The importance of bond protection

It is important to determine whether your have adequate insurance cover to address all of life’s eventualities.
For most people purchasing a home represents the single biggest investment that in all likelihood will be financed through a home loan. Although most homeowners would like to pay off their home loan in the shortest time possible, it is usually a number of years before this goal is in sight. Until then, unforeseen circumstances such as death, disability or retrenchment may severely limit your ability, or in the case of death your surviving spouse or family members ability to service home loan repayments. Without proper insurance protection, a real risk then exists that the home loan will go into default with little prospect of recovery.

We therefore strongly encourage our clients to have sufficient life cover in place to protect your family against these untimely events. To ensure that you select the cover that is right for you, financial planning advice should be sought from a FAIS accredited financial planner.

The SA Home Loans Bond Protector Plan is also available. Go here to find out more about this product offering.