Home buying tools

From bonds, legal fees, transfers and credit scores, there’s a new world of jargon to be uncovered when you want to enter the property market. If only there was a sort of house buying app you could download to make it easier? Well, there is. Actually, there’s a bunch of home buying tools out there that can not only help you, but could also shave a few extra costs down here and there.

SA Home Loans has been a specialist home loans provider to South Africans since 1999. Which means, we know exactly what information potential buyers usually require and what buyers are sometimes confused by. It also means we have the solutions.

Help where you Need it

Buying a house is not like going to the store and choosing something you like. It’s a big commitment with legal processes, credit rules and affordability requirements that need to be considered. So, you want to have all the facts at the ready, before you start house-hunting or approaching a lender for home finance.

SA Home Loans provides several home buying tools, which will give you all the information you need to prepare you for home ownership.

Homes4Me App

This web-based app is best suited to mobile, and is available free on our website. It provides you with all the info you may need as a first-time buyer, including:

  • Whether to rent or buy
  • The risks and costs of home ownership
  • Step by step process to getting a bond
  • How much you can afford to spend on a home
  • Understanding your credit profile
  • Properties available to buy


There are four easy-to-use calculators available on our website:

  1. Affordability
    Find out how much you can spend on a new home and the estimated instalment you’d need to pay, based on your household income and any deposit you may have available.Calculate your affordability>
  1. Repayment
    Want to know how much your monthly repayments are going to be for a particular property value? If you know the property purchase price, we’ll give you an estimated instalment based on your income and deposit.Calculate your bond repayments>
  1. Switch
    Already have a bond, but want to change your bond to a new financial lender? This calculator will show you how much you could save by switching to SA Home Loans.Calculate your Switch Savings>
  1. Refinance
    If you’d like to take out a new bond on your existing bond-free home, in order to access cash out of the property, use this calculator to see what your expected repayment would be.Calculate your refinance repayments>

Information Guides

SA Home Loans provides several downloadable pdf’s, filled with useful information that you’ll need, which include:

  1. Documentation Requirements
  2. Buying and Moving Checklists
  3. Home Buyers Guide

For those just starting on the home buying journey but not yet ready to apply for a home loan , we also offer the Home Buying Toolkit. Select where you are in the process and we’ll send you the information you need for your next step.

The Home Loan specialists

SA Home Loans specialise in home loans – it’s all we do – so we do it well. We want to empower more South African’s to own their own home – and providing you with the tools and information to make this possible is part of our commitment to this goal.

For a full menu of the SA Home Loans tools, visit our Tools & Downloads page.

Homes4Me Web App