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#12 Savvy Homeowners Can Learn How To Obtain An Uninterrupted Water Supply

We are all too familiar with interrupted power supply to the home – whether it’s due to planned load shedding, or unplanned outages. Water supply is becoming increasingly insecure in many municipalities, with homeowners relying on tankers, communal taps and even relief organisations.

There are ways you can plan ahead for a situation like this by storing municipal water while it is flowing and harvesting rainwater.

Storing municipal water

By storing municipal water in tanks, it’s possible to manage your own water security and always have water available at home.

Water tank/s with a small pump are connected between the municipal feed from the municipality and the water pipe supplying the house. During normal operation, the water fills the tanks and the pump supplies water at a set pressure to the house. When there is no municipal water, the water in the tank is used.

How much will this cost?

Costs for this are similar to a rainwater harvesting system. Unlike rainwater, which is free, the feed water is municipal and will need to be paid for.

This concludes the section on securing uninterrupted electricity and water. In the final article of this 13-part series, we discuss the most extreme action you can take – going completely off-grid.


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