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Documents Required

Documents Required

Please have the required documentation listed below when you apply for your home loan. Having all these items ready will avoid any delays and allow us to give you the quickest response.

To see all documents applicable to your application, first select whether you’re employed or self-employed, then select the additional categories relevant to you.

  • If you’re employed

    1. Proof of income (for all applicants):
      • Your latest salary advice.
      • If you earn variable income (commission, allowances, overtime etc) please provide the latest 3 salary advices.
      • If you are paid weekly or fortnightly (wages), please provide latest 3 salary advices. If your income varies, please provide 3 consecutive months of weekly payslips.
    2. Latest 3 months personal bank statements reflecting all income earned for a minimum of 3 consecutive months (for all applicants).
    3. Copy of ID (for all applicants)
  • If you’re self-employed

    1. Proof of income (for all applicants):
      • Letter of drawings from an accountant on their letterhead, dated and signed.
    2. Latest 6 consecutive months personal and business bank statements reflecting all income earned for a minimum of 6 consecutive months (for all applicants).
    3. Latest 2 years annual financial statements. If these are older than 6 months, management accounts not older than 2 months are also required. Both need to be signed by the applicant and accountant.
    4. Copy of registration documents or trust deed.
    5. Copy of ID (for all applicants)

Additional Documents Required

  • If you are buying a new home

    Copy of the purchase agreement - completed, dated and signed by the purchaser and the seller.

  • If you’re switching or refinancing

    1. Latest 3 months bond statements (only required for switch loans)
    2. Latest rates & utility account statement (for water, electricity, refuse, sewerage).
    3. Levy statement for sectional title units.
  • If you're over 55

    Copies of latest retirement annuities, provident fund, pension fund and/or investment statements where applicable.

  • If you earn additional income

    1. Bank statements must reflect all additional income
    2. Latest investment/pension statement confirming monthly investment income.
    3. Latest valid signed lease agreements confirming monthly rental income. If multi-tenanted, the latest rates & utility account. statement (for water, electricity, refuse, sewerage). A levy statement is required for sectional title units.
    4. Lawful divorce agreement/ maintenance order confirming monthly income being received.
  • If you're not an SA Citizen

    1. Copy of valid passport
    2. Copy of valid work permit, permanent residence permit or temporary South African ID.
  • Lending criteria for Non-Residents

    1. The loan amount may not exceed 50% of the purchase price of the property. (The Reserve Bank rule is that for every rand you bring into the country, they will lend you a rand!)
    2. The buyer must obtain consent from the Reserve Bank prior to the transaction being finalised. The application to the Reserve Bank can only be handled by an appointed dealer which includes the commercial banks.
    3. Proof must be provided that the funds for the deposit emanate from the country of origin, which can be done by the attorneys involved in the property transfer.
    4. A statement of foreign assets & liabilities must be made available.
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