GEHS Housing Access Loan

If you would like to build or buy a home but cannot register a bond over the property, as a government employee you may qualify for a GEHS Housing Access Loan. The Housing Access Loan offers greater flexibility and a shorter term than a standard mortgage loan. The following benefits are available to qualifying borrowers:

  • A flexible loan term to suit your needs.
  • A discounted interest rate for government employees paying by Salary Stop Order.
  • Finance for the purchase of land with no title deeds (typically communal land).
  • Finance for renovations or extensions to property on land with no title deeds.
  • Finance for buying properties where a mortgage loan cannot be obtained.

To calculate if you qualify for GEHS Housing Access Loan, enrol on the GEHS website and select the Housing Access Loan link.

If you would like to find out more about applying for a GEHS HOUSING ACCESS LOAN, call us on 0860 4444 17 or email us on .

GEHS House Access Loan

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