Bond Protection

Get peace of mind. Ask about our simple, easy-to-afford life insurance that ensures that you won't lose your home if you can't pay off your home loan due to your death or disability.

Cover Yourself With a Bond Protection Plan.

  • The plan will settle your bond entirely in the event of death or permanent occupational disability.
  • The plan will pay your monthly bond instalments for up to 24 months in the event of temporary occupational disability.
  • The plan covers your bond instalments for up to 12 months in the event of retrenchment (note this is available only where life cover is a condition of the loan.)
  • No medical assessment is required.
  • Easily and conveniently managed off your home loan account.

Terms and conditions apply. All products options are subject to our credit policy as amended from time to time.

Call 0861 401 401 and talk to a consultant who’ll explain the product you.