Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS)

Are you a government employee? We have special home finance options for you.

Through a partnership between the DPSA, PIC, GEPF and SA Home Loans, we are able to provide special home finance opportunities to government employees. This is done under the umbrella of the Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS) for which SA Home Loans is the home finance partner.

To enjoy the benefits and use of the GEHS services, which include enrolment support, education on credit health and assistance on how to rehabilitate an impaired credit record members should first enrol by clicking here. Alternatively, please feel free to call the GEHS Enrolment and Education Support Call Centre on 0861 12 3434 and they will gladly assist you.

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GEHS Mortgage Loan :

SA Home Loans offers a special home loan package to government employees who  would like to obtain a mortgage loan  – or switch their current bond – on residential properties that have a title deed registered at the Deeds office. To find out more about the GEHS Mortgage Loan, click HERE.

GEHS Housing Access Loan :

Finance options are also available to government employees who would like to buy or build on communal or family land with no title deeds, or other properties that are not able to be bonded. To find out more about the GEHS Housing Access Loan, click HERE.