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Eastern Cape

31 Jan 2018

I feel valued and appreciated...

Abongile Mdena

I've always been an entrepreneur searching for greatness and financial freedom; and for me the "key" was real estate. I am young and I currently reside overseas, therefore my financial record is of high risk to any home loan agencies in South Africa. I tried all the banks; even though my finances were above the normal South African, I was still declined a home loan. Due to my residency being overseas and my age, no bank would accept my application. It was only when I met Janine, an SA Home Loans representative, who saw my dream and worked above and beyond her effectors to get me a home loan. The professionalism and experience she offered was far greater than I could have ever imagined. She took me under her wing (metaphorically) and guided me through every step. Advising me on a monthly basis and informing me on the “do’s and don'ts” of being a homeowner. After receiving the home loan, a few months later I was approached by my bank, asking me to move my home loan to them; due to my credibility and my obedience of following Janine's advice and paying extra every month; Resulting in lowering my interest rate and getting financial stability on my future property purchase. I declined the offer because Janine saw my dream and guided me like a mother through the full process. She continues to assist me on a regular basis whenever I need advice. Something any bank would fail to do.

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