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14 Dec 2011

Allan Cowan

I was appointed to a more senior, better-paying position in Pretoria in late 1999. We sold our house in Durban and were in the process of buying a house in Pretoria. The bond was much higher than for our Durban house. We wanted to get the lowest bond interest rate that we could. We did a good deal of research and we discovered that the lowest rate was offered by a home loans company very few people knew anything about at the time: SA Home Loans. Having contacted them, an assessor went round to the new house and assessed it at a significantly higher amount than the price we were going to pay. SA Home Loans processed our application at lightning speed, the deal was concluded and before we knew it we were settled in our beautiful new home. Twelve years later we are in the same house, our bond amount is diminishing rapidly and our house will be paid off in a few years. SA Home Loans has stood by us through thick and thin. They are the best home loan financer in the country. I shall never choose a different home loan financer, ever!

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