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31 Oct 2011

Alta Fourie

I never thought I would be able to qualify for a home loan. I lost my job before and landed with a lot of debt to pay off. Nobody interested in my story - and needless to say got a bad credit rating. Although all the debt was paid in full after a period of time the banks made me feel useless, dirty and a risk. If I needed something I would pay cash or go without. Not a bad place to be either but who can afford house cash? SA Home Loans gave me an opportunity to own my own house. I managed to pay a deposit and with their help I managed to overcome my credit rating and managed to build a new record with them. And for me it's not about the home loan... it was about how I was treated when I applied. I had dignity, care and someone that honestly cared to make it possible. (During that time I applied with the bank I dealt with for years - and the day they approved my loan, was a month after SA Home Loans has approved! So much for trust and dignity. So hats off to SA Home Loans. Not only for reaching out before the loan was approved but for the after sales service. Brilliant without a doubt.

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