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Western Cape

02 Aug 2012

Alvin Witten

Our story started five years ago with the recession. We lost our home then due to poor financial decisions we made. We were one of the many casualties of the recent recession. The hardship we endured is too much to talk about, however my wife and I proceeded one day at a time to rehabilitate ourselves. We were renting a property, much smaller than the home we owned and I must admit I was not sure whether we would ever be able to purchase a home again. We remained hopeful though. It is amazing how banks simply turn away from you in these times when you need them most, even though you've been a client of theirs for so many years. Once we thought we were ready to apply for a bond again we approached some banks. I even had interviews with managers just so that they may get to know us firsthand. But to no avail. I listened to adverts on radio promoting SA Home Loans and decided to apply with them. Here my wife and I immediately felt 'cared for'. The consultant, Adrian Roodt, who took our application, really listened to us and our needs. He did some calculations with us, giving us a clear indication of what we could qualify for. This helped us in our choosing a home for ourselves and gave us such tremendous hope. We could hold our heads high again, what a relief. Very animatedly we started searching for a home. With new found confidence we were able to negotiate with agents and home owners.

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