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21 Nov 2011

Amanda Mc Menamin

Effortless, economical, efficient and effective - eventually. It was the SAHL website experience that bowled me over to change. From the comfort and familiarity of my office, I was able to apply for a loan transfer whilst having access to all the need to know information at the push of a button on the SAHL website. My transfer joy in 2008 however turned into a burst geyser nightmare in June 2009. I was working in Nigeria when the geyser SOS reached me. As much as a Toll Free number is a wonderful asset in SA, dont try to phone it from Nigeria. So my best half attempted to deal with the Call Centre on my behalf. At first they couldnt find me on the system. When they found my record, they told hubby we live in a Sectional Title unit and we should speak to the Body Corporate. He explained that he lives in the house too and the only other body is his (now absent) wife. Then they wouldnt speak to him any further because he was not the bondholder. Eventually he obtained a direct line number for me to use from Nigeria, but three times we were cut off and I had no idea who in the Call Centre was helping me. In desperation I sent an e-mail explaining my predicament. Within a couple of hours an e-mail reached me to confirm that everything had been sorted out even my husband! Now that takes some doing

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