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North West

09 Nov 2011

Anastasia Michael

As a child growing up, my family had no home, instead we moved around from house to house. We even lived in peoples garages or just 1 room. I was 12 when my parents got their RDP (council) house in 1980. By the age of 26 I was divorced with 3 children and no home of my own. In 2001, I moved to Mafikeng. I purchased a property (very run down) as it was all I could afford at R 125 000. People laughed at my "investment". I knew very little about home loans etc. So I started to research it. I was with my bank since the late 80's. They offered me an interest rate which they said was the best. I tried to renovate my home for myself and my 3 children with cash, but fell short. I then applied for a second bond for a certain amount which was refused. I then heard about SA Home Loans, so I approached them in 2005. The consultant was Anna. I received the amount I requested - AT A LOWER INTEREST RATE than what I was paying. I renovated my house into my dream home. One has to see it and the vision I had as a single mother to realise the impact SA Home Loans could have on my life. My home is valued at over R2 million today. When my kids grew up and were ready to leave the nest - it would be to JHB of course. I approached SA Home Loans again in 2009 for a further bond. The valuation was done on my current property and I got an additional amount which I used to purchase my second property in JHB. I will not go to another mortgage lender for a home loan again. 

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