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Western Cape

20 Nov 2015

Andile Gidana

I still can't believe that we are finally property owners, every morning when we wake up; we still can't believe that the house we wake up from is ours. We had been trying to get a bond to secure a home of our own but to no success. We were informed that we did not afford and everything in between. We were frustrated every time we applied because we knew what we were to expect. We decided to pay all our accounts and every debt that we had so that we could better our chances to qualify. After doing this exercise, we decided to try again, the same story happened as we were once again told that we did not qualify and all the banks declined our applications. We then decided to pursue SAHL to see if our efforts would be honoured, we submitted all the documentations that were required, and Paul Engelbrecht was our contact person, who was all the time helpful and professional. Paul and I kept in touch as to what was happening and if there were any updates if we were approved or not. One day on arrival at work, I received an email from Paul which stated that our bond was approved in principle - I did not understand what this meant and I emailed him back and he explained. We were so ecstatic to learn that our bond was approved and signed the offer and returned it to Paul the same day, in no time, things started falling into place and we did all the transferring with the attorneys and the developer and all the stakeholders involved. 

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