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01 Nov 2011

Andrew Brandon

You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose hope, you see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it remains just beyond your reach. I had been to the bank earlier in the day and drawn quite a large sum of money in to order to do shopping, pay my childrens school fees for the year and bought a new ring for my wife as a surprise. Little did I know that, that night would be remembered as one of the worst in mine and my familys life. At about 1:10am in the morning we were held up by a gang of 4 armed robbers who took everything, all of mine and my wifes money, camera, my wifes new ring, phones etc, etc. Thankfully we came through the ordeal unharmed, but knew it would be a bleak few months ahead. I felt sick to my stomach, how was I going to pay my childrens school fees. A work colleague recommended that I try and re-set my bond in order to lower my payments, so that I could use the extra money to pay for the school fees. After approaching my bank and trying to switch to other banks for a better deal, I had all but lost hope. Then I heard the advert for SA Home Loans and remembered family members of mine that had switched to SA Home Loans and raved about it. I immediately called SA Home Loans and what a difference.

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