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02 Nov 2011

Andrew Dintoe

It is true that getting that loan after a long search is really the ultimate feeling of achievement. I must admit that I am very proud and still feel today that I am so much indebted to SAHL for the hope and happiness they brought in my life. I feel like our relationship should last forever, maybe because I have a small history with SAHL. When I first approached them for a switch back in 2001 or 2000 it was a new brilliant concept to me. I failed to go through with it because my house ended being sold, but a few years later they were again the only financial institution prepared to give a mortgage bond right in the middle of the Global financial down turn when all other traditional banks refused me on sometimes very silly reasons. The thing is I was and is still working abroad thus the banks turned me down for that, I had a clean record and didn`t have any outstanding bills. SAHL proved again to be the most dynamic financial institution, and most intriguing they even agreed to give me a bigger bond plus R30 000 for upgrading or renovating my new home. I still have access to that today even though I didn`t avail myself of that offer simply because I was abroad and preferred to supervise any work on my house by myself. Where on earth can you get such exceptional service? Speaking of service, what comes to mind is the ease and speed at which SAHL processed my home loan whilst being abroad through the SA Embassy. 

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