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Eastern Cape

13 Nov 2018

The team at SA Home Loans worked their magic...

Andrew Klinkradt

My fiancée and I were on the market for a house, our first home together. We had only seen a few options when we went to a show house and just had to make an offer to buy. Our offer went in and was accepted.... the butterflies started to flutter in both our stomachs.

Being first time “buyers”, we weren't exactly up to speed with processes and were waiting on the agent to advise when just a few days after we made the offer I received a call from an attorney to check my emails. I was nervously excited only to find that another buyer had put in a cash offer and we had 72 hours to get a bond approved.  This was unheard of and impossible when I asked around, but I was told to get to Janine from SA Home Loans in East London.

Janine was a breath of fresh air and tried her best to make sure we were positive without too much false hope. The team at SA Home Loans worked their magic and managed to get us a pre-approval in just under the 72-hour deadline as long as we could show proof that we could pay the deposit.

This is where the wheels fell off and where we could see the difference in customer service from one company to the next. Janine was an absolute star, but our investment portfolio manager was the complete opposite. He really let us down and we ended up missing the deadline for the 72-hour cash sale.

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