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Western Cape

07 Nov 2011

Angie Pape

After the death of my first husband from cancer, I met my new hubby (an angel of note!) and we got married and moved into our new home. We paid for this house from the Estate money I received from my late husband and had no bond. It was in a quiet area and we loved it! But very soon our tranquility became a nightmare when the land in front of our home was turned into a regional shopping centre, attracting youngsters who congregated in our road, breaking their empty beer bottles in our lovely cul-de-sac. We dreaded weekends, knowing that those young people would be back and it was proving very difficult to get rid of them. We had no choice but to sell our beloved home. We chose to move to the North to gorgeous Douglasdale. We fell in love with a stunning home across the road from the Jukskei River after searching for six months. It was the cutest, coziest home, just right for the two of us and our two four-legged children, Baloo and Bubbles. BUT from having no bond, we now had to seek a loan for R100 000 to pay for the outstanding amount. We had heard that SA Home Loans made it so easy and painless and they were our first port of call. The service from their Fourways branch was so incredible that we did not even venture to shop around! Before we could say 'Jack Sparrow', we moved into our home and have lived there happily - no ecstatically for the last 7 years.

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