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29 Nov 2011


I would like to stay anonymous. I went through a very painful divorce in 2000 and had to leave the very first home I owned. Up until September 2011 I have rented. I moved into dirty homes, cleaned and fixed them up; created beautiful gardens and made other peoples houses my home. I was the tenant everyone wanted. I always had a longing for my own home again, but financially and due to circumstance I was just not able to. I had been through a lot, had fought the battle of drug addiction and was lucky and blessed to be one of the 3% that stayed clean and I got my life back (Been clean for 5 years and counting!). Once again being a productive member of society, I diligently paid off my debt that I had created in active addiction. To manage it I put myself under administration, and proud to say I paid every cent back! (Over R100 000) Due to this, no one wanted to lend me money, so I was left with unfulfilled dreams. In September, I got the shocking news that my Mom had cancer. This is a story on its own! My Mom and I were very close and was a tough time for our family. My Mom passed away in October 2010 and I was instructed by Mom to buy property with the money she left me. Now to fill my dream and my Moms wishes with the circumstances was not an easy task. I have my Mom and SA Home Loans to thank for my dream of my own home! 

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