Ansa-Mari van Staden | SA Home Loans

Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Ansa-Mari van Staden

I have never been as grateful to anyone as I was to SA Home Loans for helping us. With the economy what it was my parents are both no longer working and it came very close to us losing our childhood home. We approached SA Home Loans for financing so that we children could buy the house and not have to worry about it being taken away. We had the most amazing consultant from their North Gate offices in Cape Town help us. She did everything in her power to ensure that this process didn't take longer than was necessary. I owe a lot to SA Home Loans; one of the most important things is the fact that we get to keep all the memories from over the years by keeping the house in the family. Thanks you so much so SA Home Loans for ensuring that you have the best possible staff to do the job. They truly are amazing people and you guys rock.

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