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Western Cape

22 Nov 2011

Anthea Cloete

My experience begun a couple of years back when I was interested in moving my bond to do generate funds to do some work on our house, through God's grace I managed to get in touch with Rowena Webb, who I believe is possible the best bond consultant I have ever dealt with. She was always available to explain things we didnt understand, even help complete paperwork if need be. Over the years we had some drama, our geyser broke, leaking water, I was on the phone with Rowena and within a couple hours the problem was solved. Then a few years later a burst tap that flooded both our rooms, not an issue, I simply got on the phone with Rowena, and Murphys law, this all happened after hours or over a weekend, yet she was always available on her mobile or via Facebook to assist. This lady is now a friend on Facebook and I follow her personal journey in which she always says how blessed she is to work for a company like yourselves; she promotes you with love and dedication. Recently I was late with my bond payment and the agent helping with this matter wasnt very compassionate or helpful and for the first time I felt that I was treated badly but because of my relationship and experience with Rowena I emailed her regarding the situation and subsequently a manager emailed me back and this matter was resolved with respect and isnt that what everyone wants. 

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