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Eastern Cape

08 Nov 2011

Anthony Clarke

We all dream of owning our own home , well my dream was fulfilled having paid off my home and it was finally mine, my own castle in which I had not only invested money in but time and effort to get it exactly the way I wanted it. Unfortunately ones life has hiccups and mine was a sudden a nasty divorce. In the process, I was going to lose my Castle. I made calls to other companies but did not receive much help. After the first call to SAHL I was assisted and within a very short time I again was king of my castle which I share with my two minor children. If it was not for the one on one assistance and professionalism I received from the SAHL personnel then I would not have had a place to stay, instead I was able to keep my own place and raise my children in an environment that they were comfortable in. Thank you SAHL.

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