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Eastern Cape

23 Apr 2015

Antonio Lawack

My wife, Janine, and I were silently dissatisfied with the bank we had our previous home loan with. We desperately wanted to do improvements to our home but quickly ran into a brick wall of unnecessary rules and complications when we wanted to apply for a second bond. This left us with a feeling of helplessness and frustration. Things however changed for the better when we approached our friend, Tracy Sauls, who just happened to be an SA Home Loans consultant. She thoroughly briefed us on the switching process and my wife and I found renewed hope that our dream that seemed unattainable might be realized. The whole switching process went without a glitch and six weeks later our new SAHL home loan was registered and the balance paid out to us. We now are faced with a new problem: we can't decide what upgrade should be done first!!!! A mountainously big thank you to our friend, Tracy Sauls, as well as the other members of the SAHL admin family for making our dream a reality. We are eternally grateful. Regards, Janine and Antonio Lawack

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