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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Belinda Doveston

The moment we found out we were pregnant we knew it was time to seriously start looking for a house. I dreaded the thought of renting yet again, and we were not sure we could even get a bond, but we both felt "yip, it is time to grow up and buy". We joked that we should put in a cheeky offer for the house on sale next door to my in-laws - food and babysitter close by - and were surprised that our offer was accepted and that we could easily afford it too. SA Home Loans really came to our rescue. Another buyer had put in an offer and was waiting on her financing to be approved - it was a race to the finish line. Thank goodness SA Home Loans were so quick and efficient - on the day the other offer lapsed our bond was confirmed and the deal was done. Granny and Grandpa are oh so happy to have us next door and we are thoroughly enjoying our first real home as a family. Thanks SA Home Loans!

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