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Eastern Cape

31 Mar 2016

Belinda Nell

I have so much praise for SA Homeloans. I've got divorced 19 February 2015 and according to the divorce settlement, I have to pay an amount to my ex husband on the date of the divorce. I was married in community of property. Bam ..... "Eina maar toemaar" Needless to say, I was in a panic state, where on earth will I get this money? The balance of my bond at that time was below R50 000. I've contacted a SA HOMELOANS representative who was so helpful, I wish I had the person's name, as he/she was definitely my lifesaver in a time that I felt everything is working against me! I was send the different forms to complete and needless to say my furter loans and re advance was granted! It feld that I can screem from a roof from excitement! (Don't know how I will react if I won the Lotto! :-) ) All my stressings was diverted into blessings! With a bond now ski high I am eager to pay any extra money in my bond before I go on pension so that I do not have any bond re payments. Without a doubt I will definitely reach my goal. You've did something I will never forget in my entire life. God bless you abundantly! May your company grow from strenght to strenght! Belinda Nell

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