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Western Cape

25 Oct 2011

Benjamin Van Der Ross

This is no story just the truthInitially when I took out my bond with another bank about 7 years ago, I thought that was to best service by far. However after a few years I needed to access some additional funds against my bond and the red tape, excuses and stress that I had to endure was depressing. This prompted me to seek alternatives....... and what would you know SA Home Loans adverts started popping up wherever I went. Upon approaching them I was totally and I mean totally in shock of the excellent user friendly, professional and prompt service I received. Not only was I able to register a bond with them they give me sound practical financial advise pertaining to my personal situation. I was even more overwhelmed that even the interest rate was lower than other bank. This all seemed to good to be true. I was in awe of the quick turnover period for registration, and at no point did I contact them..... They contacted me an kept me informed of progress and timeframes attached. What can I say.....? They are the masters when it comes to home loans and the homely and trusted atmosphere is almost impossible to explain..... Because you have to experience it to believe it. The best of all there were no such thing as red tape, or having to speak to the bank manager, or calls to Pretoria...... its a one stop shop..... And they take the pain and strain out of bond application. I love SA Home Loans......Only regret is that I did not go to them in the first place.

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