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28 Oct 2011

Bevan Barker

Buying a home should be dreams come true, but ours was a nightmare. After 29 years of rambling around a spacious home and bidding our children farewell, we bought a small townhouse and prepared to move. I had worked for a bank for over twenty years and had my accounts with them, but they declined our application without explanationfortunately SA Home Loans came to our rescue and granted the bond we applied for. And then our problems started; firstly with the selling Estate Agent and her appointed Conveyances..we were trying to move in and they were stalling. Unfortunately, in order to successfully conclude our sale, we were forced out with nowhere to go. Our furniture and 30 boxes had to go into storage (at quite an expense), but luckily my sister-in-law had a room and put us up for six weeks. Eventually after getting legal advice, we discovered the Seller was bankrupt; his Lawyer (conveyance) used money from our sale to settle his debts so that he could relocate and his Estate Agent was singing all the way to the Bank. Hats-off to SA Home Loans. Despite that appalling experience we are happily ensconced now.

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