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11 Nov 2011

Brenda Lester

My husband and I built a Granny Flat on his parents property. We paid the bond and lived in their house and they lived in the Granny flat. The agreement was that my husband would inherit the property and his sister would be paid out by us in the event of their death. Once we had paid the bond they started all kinds of demands from us. I told my husband that I did not feel secure and that I wanted my own home. After much arguing I went ahead and found a home we could afford. We applied for a loan from SA Home Loans and bought the house which we rented out. I now had no worries that if we were asked to leave his parents home that we would have a roof over our heads. Two years after buying the house my husbands father died. His mother put the property on the market and gave us a months notice to find new accommodation. We had not told them that we had our own property. We asked for our money back for the Granny flat that we had paid for and she refused saying my husband would only get R30 000.00 when she passed away. We had paid R120 000.00 for the flat and maintained their house that we lived in. My husband was devastated as he had loved his parents home and his dream was to own it one day. The best thing we ever did was buy our house when we did, as we moved straight into it and we have never looked back and my husband has been happy in our home.

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