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Western Cape

15 May 2015

Brende Kotzee

We have been struggling for 4 years to get a bond approval with no avail. My husband and I, together with our 5 children have lived in 5 rental houses over that last 6 years, in Paarl. It so happens that every time just after we move into a house, the owners put it on the market. Our kids were crying because we had to move so much. I asked my parents to please try and get a bond so we can get a house. My mom drove to 2 other main banks a million times with documents. It was crazy. But no one wanted to give them a loan even though they have securities and other paid in full properties. I saw SA Home Loans ads and told my mom to apply with them. She then applied online and Neil Puckeri assisted her. Within 2 days we had a pre-approval and not even 2 weeks later we got the bond. Thank you, thank you SA Home Loans. Thank you for approving Mr and Mrs Vermaak's bond. Now we have a house and I dont ever have to tell my kids we have to move again! We are thrilled beyond words.

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