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23 Oct 2018

My safe haven for myself and my son and I couldn't be happier

Chalene Roets

Hi, 3 years ago my husband died, and we were in the process of buying a house, of course because of the financial strain on me being a single parent, I had to cancel the buy completely. Ever since then I was worried if I would ever be able to give my son a stable home, without having to move every few months from the places we were renting.

I applied for a loan in the beginning of the year. My hope was non-existent, after I was turned down by 2 banks. I really tried so hard, did everything I was supposed to and still no success was in my favour.  SA Home Loans then sent me and email to confirm that my request was successful and that they were starting the process, a few weeks later my bond was approved, registration done and I moved into my house. My safe haven for myself and my son and I couldn't be happier.

My year was definitely made and all in time for turning 30 and knowing I made it!

Thanks guys you are great.

Chalene Roets

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