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Western Cape

25 Apr 2024

Consolidating my debt with SA Home Loans was the lifeline I needed to regain control of my life.

Chantal Pamplin

Thank you for being with me every step of the way to get my bond registered with SA Home Loans and all my debts consolidated.

I want to take you through my journey with Saloshnee. 

I am also a salesperson for 23 years in the medical field and I have learnt so much from Saloshnee.  I am a single mom with an autistic teenager who will be 17 years, this year, and I am looking after my widowed mom, and my brother who got retrenched last year, and his wife and kid.

Saloshnee tried to help switched my bond last year, but my debt was just too much, and my affordability did not make the switch possible. Sleepless nights and stress started to creep in not a nice feeling for me or space to be in.

It was like an angel that was sent when she called me this year informing me that I could finally consolidate my debt into my bond if I switched to SA Home Loans.

She was honest, compassionate and had a lot of empathy. I was embarrassed about my situation, but she checked in two to three times a week to inform me where we were with the process and just to check in how my family and I were doing.

I really value her work ethic and emotional Intelligence and I will never forget it. Guiding me on what to settle and encouraged me not to make more debt.

When she called me to tell me we were about to lodge…OMW, I wanted to cry of happiness and a load lifted from my shoulders. I could breathe again and live my life with no debt and work wiser with my money.

Thank you, SA Home Loans and Saloshnee, you gave me my life back!

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