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02 Nov 2011

Charles Machabaphala

Halala! My reliable SA Home Loans. Halala! In 2003 I was staying with my family in a match box house with two bed rooms. It was difficult for me especially during the festive season when our relatives came and visits us. It was hard when coming to share all the remaining bedrooms and the dining for the night, because there is no enough space to make them be comfortable. During that difficult times,days,weeks,months and years we continued like that until 2011 when my co-worker Betty Makgamatha came to my house and told me about reliable SA Home Loans. She assisted me with the contact details. Without wasting time, I started reviving myself by applying the very same day. Fortunate enough, my reliable SA Home Loans responded very quickly with application forms and in return I used responded to them with the completed forms and the attachments too. The processing of forms was done by Mr.Faizel professionally, from the first stage until the payment stage. My life begun when I received the amount which I was not expecting to be mine, and also the reasonable monthly instalment which I had never came across in my life. As I am talking now, my match box house was changed to a mansion. From a two bedroom house to a three bedroom house that included an extended kitchen, lounge, bathroom, shower and a garage. Thank so much for the opportunity that I got from SA Home Loans. You made me great and I wont forget you for the rest of my life. GOD blesses your company forever! 

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