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16 Nov 2017

We will never regret the day we went to SA Home Loans...

Charles Makallane

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SA Home Loans for their smooth and no hassle service. My wife and I were so worried because the house in which we were staying was about to be sold, as it was my father's who passed away and he did not take any life covers for it. We went to various banks and we were sent from pillar to post that's when my lawyer told me about SA Home Loans. We went there. My wife and I were actually just trying, we didn't have hope to think that we will get help because of the experience we had from the banks. We will never regret the day we went to SA Home Loans because their service is one of the best and everything was handled so smoothly. Today I'm an owner of a beautiful house, thanks to you SA Home Loans.

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