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27 Oct 2011

Christa & Warren van Zeil

My experience with SA Home Loans is not the first, but I wish I knew about SAHL when I bought my flat in 1990! My son and I decided to buy a house together and we contacted an estate agent to view some house. The one good thing about this agent is that she introduced us to SAHL. When we decided to buy, we had applied for the loan through the most expensive bank that I've been dealing with for many years, but that meant nothing to them, we had to wait a long time, and then they did not offer the full loan. Then I was surprisingly, and pleasantly shocked to discover SAHL, who not only offer the loan, but had and still have the best trained, most friendly and helpful staff that I have met in all my years with dealing with services providers, which is so unbelievable at this time in RSA. I even wondered if it will be possible for SAHL to help train and educate staff for banks, municipalities, medical aid suppliers, I also suggested to Miway that even after their reward winning they need to contact SAHL to find out about real customer service. From the first person that contacted me, Frik De Wit, to the last, all of them went totally out of their way to help and advise. So thanks to all, Carla & Marisa from Louw Heyl Attorneys was also great! And then of course Robyn Rhynes, Esay, Nivasha Ramsaroop who all helped with the claim. It does not matter whether you phone, email or fax, somebody, and sometimes more than one person will contact you and help - really help!

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