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22 Jan 2018

I can 100% recommended SA Home Loans to anybody...

Christian Gunther

Hi there, I would just like to thank SA Home Loans for the excellent service I got from them. They kept me up to date all the way from the beginning of the application to the successful registration of the bond. I also had trouble to secure a deposit on the loan but they were more than willing to work around that so I could get approved on the loan. They really went out of their way to assist me as well so I could get approved asap because my renting contract was coming to an end. I got referred from a friend of mine that also recommended them to me because they also bought a house through them and they had no trouble getting the house on their name. I can 100% recommended SA Home Loans to anybody that would like to apply for a Home Loan because they are really the best choice to use and their service is really excellent. Thank you very much Christian

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