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25 Oct 2011

Christo Barnard

Well this is one of those good thing happens to good people moments if you know the right people, like the guys at SA Home Loans. My wife and I were very young and no one and really no one would grant us a home loan as our age was high risk for any of the fat cat banks to support us in giving a perfect home for our family. I was very hesitant to knock on the door of SA Home Loans as they were a young company, well so was my wife and so I thought I would give it a go and maybe they will also and there it was. We were treated with the utmost respect and were welcomed into the SA Home Loans family and we got our home, no fuss. The greatness did not stop there. I was retrenched and things was going downhill very fast and although we fell behind badly and we haven`t taken out any insurance, this company never threatened or sent snotty letters, they phoned and asked how they can help, HOW CAN THEY HELP! Excuse me, since when does money giant help the guy on the street? Well this is what happened truly and they stood by us and now since things are better we are back to where we should be and the relationship just got stronger and I will never even try to ask the other banks to help us I will go to where I know I will be safe.

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