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Western Cape

15 Oct 2019

SA Home Loans was the only lender that trusted me and my husband.

Chrystal Parsons

Thank you firstly to SA Home Loans :-) I actually do not have enough words to express the big difference this amazing company has made in my entire family and extended family's lives. My story started as we grew up in a house where only my father worked and being the only provider for the household. He never complained. When I met my husband I told him that I would love to have my own home one day. My first house hunt was a disaster. I had been defrauded by the seller of the house we wanted to buy. My pillar during the process was Mr Pillay, who stood by us and even tried to extend a moral hand in making decisions and he was available anytime we needed him. The landlord evicted us as we did not have a lease with her. During this time my only sister was very sick. We had to find another place to stay within that month. My ill sister then came to stay with us and passed away in our house. Her dying wish was that we raise my dear nieces in our home for another 35 years (that was her age when she passed). SA Home Loans was the only lender that trusted me and my husband. I have recommended you to all my family. Many family members are so proud of us for owning our own property and thanks to SA Home Loans for the best service and interest rate, and most of all Shaun. You guys are the best!

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