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31 Oct 2011

Cinthia Freeman

I have joined SA Home Loans on 30/01/2006. Not only could I enjoy the comfort of more competitive and affordable instalments but I could also make us of their Rapid Re-advance facility as I was planning on my wedding which took place on 25/03/2006. A year later, on 26/9/2007 SA Home Loans assisted me with another loan which enabled me to buy a second hand car with the cash! I can honestly tell of the excellently prompt, very professional, and reliable service I received. Today, I am a happily married woman, mother and proud home-and car owner. SA Home Loans made my dreams come true by securing a foundation that builds a happy family and home! Indeed, I have told my friends of the wonderful and impressive services I am enjoying from SA Home Loans and know some who have also joined SA Home Loans because which customer doesnt want excellent service and value for money?

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